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Heya, folks! I've decided it's about time I've opened commissions for you lovely folks here at Newgrounds. I'm here primarily as a composer, but I can also offer writing services if you're in the market for those. If you'd like to support me in a different way after seeing what I can do, you'll find information on my Patreon towards the bottom. Let's get started!

Music Commissions - OPEN

First off, some samples so you can get an idea of what I typically do:

https://www.newgrounds.com/audio/listen/869326 - Endlessly Fragmented Light: a song that blends organ, choir, piano, and chiptune sounds (plus synthy drums) for a peculiar modern classical effect.

https://www.newgrounds.com/audio/listen/856043 - Day By Day: a classical song featuring an acoustic guitar and strings for a mellow, hopeful feel.

https://www.newgrounds.com/audio/listen/854377 - What I Found While I Was Away: a dark, heavy, synthesized theme with a feeling of mystery and intrigue.

Now, down to brass tacks of pricing and related details:

  • The base pricing for an instrumental song is $15 per 30 seconds. Instrument count does not affect this.
  • If you want to add vocals to your song using Vocaloid, the base cost is an extra $10 per minute of vocals (if less than a minute, you pay $10 and that’s it). I have Ruby, Gumi, Luka, Cyber Songman, and Dex (I don’t have samples for the male vocals yet).
  • If you want to use my voice, that's an extra $15 per minute of vocals, same rules apply. (You can hear a sample of my singing here.)
  • Writing songs to fit existing lyrics may add a $5 charge due to complexity. Writing lyrics for the song I’m making for you incurs a flat $5 fee.
  • The above prices are for non-commercial use only. Commercial use prices are subject to discussion, but expect the above costs to double at least.

If you’d like more than one song at once, I have some bundle deals for you!

  • Simple Bundle: $30. Contains 3 simple instrumental songs. Length of the songs will vary but will most likely not be over 1 minute.
  • Middle Bundle: $60/$70. Contains 5 instrumental songs, or 2 instrumental and 1 vocal song (this variation will be $70).
  • WHA-BAM Bundle: $120. Contains 4 vocal songs or 7 instrumental songs. Length of songs will vary. These are currently under limited availability and I'll be choosy about taking them on.

Lastly, some terms of service notes:

  • The typical genres I work in are chiptune and orchestral. I’ve tried pop rock music a few times, though. I'm willing to experiment if you are.
  • Turnaround may be very slow. Your patience is appreciated. I will do my best to keep you updated on the progress of your song(s) in the meantime. Deadlines will incur additional fees depending on how close they are, and I'll do my best to meet them.
  • Please credit me wherever you use the work. Just a simple mention of Sami-Fire will do, along with a link back to my profile here on Newgrounds.
  • I will not write any songs featuring excessively controversial material or intended to defame or insult anyone in particular. (A good-natured dis track might be fun though.)

Writing Commissions - OPEN

First, here's a link to a heap of writing samples so you can get an idea of my style and what I typically write: Clicky here.

Now, pricing matters. For personal, non-commercial work, my base rate is $10/1000 words. Commercial writing work prices will need to be discussed, but expect the base price to double at least. Ghostwriting services are available, but the price may increase further still.

I can write NSFW pieces, but please contact me privately for the pricing information and samples for those.

An outlining of my do’s, don’ts, and strengths:

Will Do:

  • Original stories (using your characters and settings, of course)
  • Short Stories (We're talking one chapter deals here, probably a max of 1000 words)
  • Longer stories (Multi-chapter stories or single chapters beyond that 1000 word max)
  • Character profiles
  • Violence and horror themes (may be a case-by-case thing though)

Might Do:

  • Writing for animal characters. It depends on what you want and what the animal is capable of doing, really.
  • Fan Fiction (My knowledge of most new series is kind of limited, and I don't really trust myself to write characters accurately if I can't get the source material in front of me quickly, but I'll do my best if you want to trust me with a certain character!)

Won't Do:

  • Topics that deliberately offend or target a specific person or group.


  • Fantasy and sci-fi. Those two are my primary genres, and I like anything that has to do with magic or fancy technology. (And interdimensional travel. There is almost always interdimensional travel.)
  • I love devising magic mechanics. If you need help working out the "how things work" of your magic system or magitechnology, I'd be happy to see what I can come up with.
  • I'm good with word choice, vocabulary, and writing mechanics in general.
  • Intense emotional situations are a lot of fun to write for me.
  • I can juggle multiple characters in a scene well.
  • I'm good with giving characters distinct voices and personalities. Writing characters and dialogue is pretty much my favorite part of the process.
  • I'm good at straight-up character generation.

Some quick Terms of Service notes:

  • Turnaround may be slow, but I can do about 3000-5000 words a week if need be.
  • Please credit me wherever you use the work. Just a simple mention of Sami-Fire will do, along with a link back to my profile here. (This, of course, does not apply to ghostwritten work.)


As I mentioned in the title, if you like what you see and hear, you can support me on my Patreon as well. For as little as $1 a month, you can get in on all kinds of nifty behind-the-scenes stuff, including early song/writing releases and bonus commission pieces at the higher tiers. If you're interested...

Support me on Patreon!

I think that's everything for now. I look forward to working with you all!